DistortedWardrobe Private Showroom

Experience 1on1 professional private personal styling experience like no other. Located at a photography studio in downtown Toronto,  the DistortedWardrobe showroom offers an amazing 90min showroom package.  Get access to a fully curated wardrobe set to all your specific sizing info and to best execute the goals in mind. This wardrobe includes but is not limited to: archival designer garments, runway designer, premium vintage pieces, Military surplus, Artisanal 1of1 pieces made by local artists, modern luxury pieces + designer, vintage accessories/footwear. The showroom also includes professional photography as-well as iPhone 12pro pictures & videos with a minimum of 300+ pics / vids! DistortedWardrobe also offers a network of other photographers, videographers as additional packages.

Music Video/ Editing : @toidzee , @mtvgrif , @ijensa , @alan.lyra 

photography : @e

li.Stang , @picturesofustogether, @sosoomar

Photo & Video: @n.wokk , @ellorimo .